Special Issue - E2CE 2016

International Conference on Advancement in Electrical, Electronics & Computer Engineering (E2CE-2016) was organized by R D Engineering College, Ghaziabad, India in association with International Journal of Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science Engineering (IJEECSE) on 12 - 13 August, 2016.

1. Title: Watershed Segmentation for Tumor Detection through MRI using Thresholding

Authors: Manorama Sharma, G N Purohit, Saurabh Mukherjee

Pages: 01 - 06


2. Title: Detection of Malicious Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Network by Using Secure Acknowledgment Method

Authors: Aaditya Jain, Yash Yadav, Rahul Chauhan

Pages: 07 - 13


3. Title: The Novelty Techniques for Noise Removal in ECG Signals

Authors: Sana Parween, Madhurima, Beporam Khaleelu Rehman

Pages: 14 - 16


4. Title: Offline Handwritten Gujarati Character Recognition based on Water Reservoir and Radial Histogram

Authors: Jitendra V. Nasriwala, Dr. Bankim C Patel

Pages: 17 - 20


5. Title: IoT Based Agro Cloud Sensor Network 

Authors: Megha Milana N, Dr. M Z Kurian

Pages: 21 - 25


6. Title: IEC 61850-8-1 GOOSE Communication and its Impact on Substation Performance

Authors: Sunil Gupta

Pages: 26 - 31


7. Title: A Comprehensive Review of Trends in Substation Automation Systems

Authors: Sunil Gupta

Pages: 32 - 38


8. Title: Two Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Short Circuit Forces in Distribution Transformer with Tapping Arrangement

Authors: Anupam Sinha, Sarpreet Kaur

Pages: 39 - 42