Editorial Process

Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that the authors have not violated any ethical practice followed in preparation and publication of manuscripts. Author/s is/are responsible for all the statements made in their work and should be willing to defend them publicly, if challenged. Authors should prepare their manuscripts submitted to the journal exactly according to the instructions given. Manuscripts which do not follow the format and style of the journal may be returned to the authors for revision or rejected. The journal reserves the right to make any further formal changes and language corrections necessary in a manuscript accepted for publication. Manuscripts and figures are not returned to the authors, not even upon rejection of the paper.


Once a manuscript is submitted, the Editor of IJEECSE inspects the submitted manuscript. If the Editor determines that the manuscript is not of sufficient quality to go through the normal review work flow or if the subject of the manuscript is not appropriate to the journal's scope, then he rejects the manuscript without further processing. If the Editor determines that the submitted manuscript is of sufficient quality and falls within the scope of the journal, he sends the manuscript to two or more reviewers for peer-review.


The Editor has the authority and reserves the right to reject any manuscript submitted to IJEECSE, because of inappropriateness of its subject content, lack of quality, incorrectness of its results and recommendations, inaccuracies in the experimentation etc., The final conclusion on publication is made by the Chief Editor upon recommendation of Editorial Board Members. Nevertheless, Chief Editor's decision is final with respect to the acceptance or rejection of a manuscript for journal publications.


If the manuscript is accepted for publication in IJEECSE, it will be communicated to the author(s) who submitted the same through e-mail. Author(s) is/are expected to send the Copyright Transfer Agreement within 15 working days from the date of acceptance of paper. If there is a withdrawal, then it has to be explicitly made and should be within 7 working days from the date of acceptance of paper. If there is no communication (either positive or negative) from the concerned author(s), then it is up to the Chief Editor to have a final verdict w.r.t the publication status. Under no circumstances, the manuscript shall be published without obtaining the transfer of copyright from the communicating / corresponding author and / or co-authors.

No major changes in paper will be accepted once the decision of acceptance is announced through email to the communicating / corresponding author. So authors are requested to make all the corrections well prior to the decision of acceptance for paper publication.


If there is any discrepancy in the paper published in IJEECSE, it should be reported to us within 7 working days of the receipt of published paper. If it is so, IJEECSE will take remedial action for such deviations / gaps. Any complaints or issues received after 7 working days of the receipt of the soft copy of published paper will not be entertained for resolution.