Special Issue - ICDSSI-2018

International Conference on Data Science and Security Issues (ICDSSI-2018)
was organized by Department of Computer Science, Bon Secours College for Women, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu on 07 February, 2018 in association with International Journal of Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science Engineering (IJEECSE).

1. Title: Role of Fog Computing and IoT in Train Traffic Management
Authors: Prof. A. Haja Abdul Khader, Dr. N. Jayaveeran
Pages: 01 - 05

2. Title: A Survey paper on Big Data Management approaches in Cloud Environment
Authors: B.Jackline Jose
Pages: 06 - 11

3. Title: Adenovirus Analysis to Discover Internal Clusters Using Self-Organizing Feature Map
Authors: M. Jancypriya
Pages: 12 - 15

4. Title: Ishuffle: Improving Hadoop Performance of the Mapreduce Framwork Using EWMA (Exponentially Weighted Moving Average)
Authors: C. Jayabarathi
Pages: 16 - 19

5. Title: Security Issues in Vehicular  Ad Hoc Network
Authors: M. Juno Isabel Susinthra, E. Kalaiselvi
Pages: 20 - 21

6. Title: A Survey on: Issues and Challenges of MANET
Authors: R. Gomathijayam, V. Santhi
Pages: 22 - 28

7. Title: Improved Data Partition in Web-URL Hadoop Cluster Using Dust Removing LDA-CRATFS Technique 

Authors: V. Manochitra, N. Vijayalakshmi
Pages: 29 - 34

8.Title: A Survey on Detection of Sensitive Data in Privacy Preserved Environment
Authors: P. Nivetha
Pages: 35 - 37

9. Title: A Review on Big Data Security and Issues
Authors: Raja rajeswari Rajendra Babu, V. Uma Maheswari
Pages: 38 - 41

10. Title: Mining and Exploring Medication Pathway Patterns from History of Electronic Health Records
Authors: D. Saritha, K. Sumathi
Pages: 42 - 44

11. Title: A Survey On: A Comparative Study of Techniques in Text Mining
Authors: R. Sathya
Pages: 45 - 48

12. Title: The Review of 6LoWPAN Routing Protocols
Authors: R. Sujatha, P. Srivaramangai
Pages: 49 - 52

13. Title: Cryptography Based Lossless and Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images
Authors: A. Thamizhiniya, R. Nithya
Pages: 53 - 57

14. Title: Security Architecture of Cloud Computing
Authors: J. Vimal Rosy, Dr. S. Britto Ramesh Kumar
Pages: 58 - 61