Special Issue - ICSCAAIT-2018

International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Advanced Artificial Intelligence Techniques (ICSCAAIT-2018) was organized by School of Computer Science & Engineering, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, Faridabad on 24 - 25 January, 2018 in association with International Journal of Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science Engineering (IJEECSE). Conference was technically sponsored by Computer Society of India and Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India.

1. Title: Green Computing
Authors: Venkat Reddy B.
Pages: 01 - 04

2. Title: Study on the Game Tic Tac Toe
Authors: Aastha Kohli, Sri Leela S.T.P
Pages: 05 - 07

3. Title: Internet Service Provider : Review Paper
Authors: Anil Kumar Singh, Ankit Arpan Mohanty, Ridhika Sharma, Shilpa Dixit
Pages: 08 - 10

4. Title: Research on Online Examination System
Authors: M. Mojesh, J. Aravind Reddy, N. Anudeep
Pages: 11 - 13

5. Title: The Bitcoins : Anonymous Synonym of Money
Authors: Sweta Srivastava, Shashank Srivastava, Kushagra Verma
Pages: 14 - 16

6. Title: Stock Prediction: A Review
Authors: Ankita Jain, Anshu Gupta, Shilpi Singh
Pages: 17 - 19

7. Title: Expert System in Future
Authors: Shilpi Singh, Meenu Gupta, Vijaya Jyoti, Anamika Rai, Smriti Jha
Pages: 20 - 22

8. Title: Home Automation System using Internet of Things (IOT)
Authors: Akhil Jain, Prerit Mathur, Kiran Kumar
Pages: 23 - 28

9. Title: Cyber Crime and Security: A Modern Day Threat
Authors: Prashant, Abhishek, Sonia
Pages: 29 - 32

10. Title: Cryptography in Cloud Computing: A Basic Approach to Ensure Security in Cloud
Authors: Vivek Kumar, Vineeth, Anshu 
Pages: 33 - 36

11. Title: Email Security: The Challenges of Network Security
Authors: Ganesh, Saiteja, Khushboo
Pages: 37 - 41

12. Title: Application - Assisted Live Migration Of Virtual Machines with Java Applications      
Authors: K. Chirudeep, J. Vinod Kumar, M. Venkatesh, Neha
Pages: 42 - 52
13. Title: Seamless Selection of Printers and Printing using Cloud Computing
Authors: Bhavya Deep, Rajesh Bose, Iti Mathur, Nisheeth Joshi 
Pages: 53 - 61

14. Title: Development of an Artificial Intelligence Based Safer Transport System in Mountains
Authors: Ramesh Chandra Panda, Gurpreet Singh, Dr. Sudeshna Chakraborty, Garima Saini
Pages: 62 - 65

15. Title: Recommendation Systems : A Detailed Review   
Authors: Abhigna B. S., Prof. Latha Banda 
Pages: 66 - 70

16. Title: Internet of Things Technology Future and Problem Facing its Implementation
Authors: Shipra Srivastav
Pages: 71 - 72

17. Title: A Study of Effective Regression Testing
Authors: Nisha Jha
Pages: 73 - 77

18. Title: Strengthening Network Security: An SDN (Software Defined Networking) Approach
Authors: Pradeep Kumar Sharma, Dr. S. S. Tyagi
Pages: 78 - 82

19. Title: An Introduction of Cloud Computing for Library Professional
Authors: Tara Chand, MohanShyam Sharma
Pages: 83 - 85

20. Title: Cloud Computing: A new paradigm for E learning
Authors: Amandeep Dhaliwal
Pages: 86 - 94

21. Title: Magic - The Game of Numbers
Authors: Chandu Mani Kumar, Sunil, Rama Krishna
Pages: 95 - 97

22 Title: Online Java Compiler
Authors: Manoj Jain, Avikhanna,Sannidh Singhal
Pages: 98 - 100

23. Title: Speed and Direction Control of DC Motor using Android Mobile Application
Authors: Ritesh chaubey, Deepak Kumar, Saketh, Dr. Sudeshna
Pages: 101 - 102

24. Title: An Imperceptible RAT using Python
Authors: Anshul Garg, Rachna Jain, Preeti Nagrath
Pages: 103 - 105

25. Title: Password Cracking Technique : A Survey
Authors: Himanshu Kumar, Neelam Mathur
Pages: 106 - 108

26. Title: Genetic Algorithms: Concepts, Applications in Software Engineering and Test Data Generation using GA and Hamming Distance Approach
Authors: Manish Saraswat, R. C. Tripathi
Pages: 109 - 116

27. Title: Predicting Success of Residential Project Using Artificial Neural Network
Authors: Manoj Kumar Jain
Pages: 117 - 121

28. Title: Texture Analysis of Skin Lesions
Authors: Dr. Anitha S, Hemanth Kumar G
Pages: 122 - 124

29. Title: Multilevel Dictionary Based LZW Algorithm
Authors: Sonia Setia, Neha Sewal
Pages: 125 - 127

30. Title: Data Mining: Concepts, Techniques, Methods and Its Applications
Authors: Shivani Bansal, Vaishali, Meenu Gupta
Pages: 128 - 130

31. Title: Implementation of Firewall & Intrusion Detection System Using pfSense To Enhance Network Security
Authors: Deepak Kumar, Meenu Gupta
Pages: 131 - 137

32. Title: An Analytic Approach 3D Shape Descriptor for Face Recognition
Authors: Shilpi Singh, Dr. Tapas Kumar
Pages: 138 - 140

33. Title: Vehicle Detection and Counting Method Based on Digital Image Processing in Python
Authors: Reha Justin, Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Pages: 141 - 147

34. Title: An Analysis of Cloud Computing
Authors: J. Hari Prabhakar, Nittu .Goutham, Nisha Jha
Pages: 148 - 151

35. Title: Tools and Techniques of Machine Learning paradigm: A Study and Analysis
Authors: Tapan Kumar, Pooja Aneja
Pages: 152 - 155

36. Title: A Peculiar Advent for DTN Routing Protocols in One Simulator
Authors: Pooja Aneja, Tapan Kumar
Pages: 156 - 159