Special Issue - NCCT-2018

National Conference on Computing Technologies (NCCT-2018) was organized by Computer Science Department,  Bishop Heber College,  Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu on 26 February, 2018  in association with International Journal of Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science Engineering (IJEECSE).

1. Title: Cloud Basesd Network Security -  A Review
Authors: B. Nithya, Rashmi J. R., Swetha Nagaraj
Pages: 01 - 06

2. Title: Cloud Computing Security Controls - A Review
Authors: S. P. Sreeja, Naven Kumar S., Santhos N.
Pages: 07 - 09

3. Title: Usher App
Authors: B. Nithya, Afrin Sajna A, Sangeetha G.
Pages: 10 - 11

4. Title: A Review on Google Glass
Authors: B. Nithya, Emilin Meria James, G. Dharani
Pages: 12 - 14

5. Title: Sales Force Automation using Cloud - A Review
Authors: Dr. V. Ilango, R. Akshata
Pages: 15 - 18

6. Title: Review on Hippocampus Segmentation Techniques from Human Brain MRI
Authors: S. Vijayalakshmi, Shruti Pallavi
Pages: 19 - 24

7. Title: Review on Hippocampus Segmentation Techniques from Human Brain MRI
Authors: S. Vijayalakshmi, Shruti Pallavi
Pages: 25 - 28

8 Title: A Study Based Survey on Brain Tumor Detection and Segmentation
Authors: S. Vijayalakshmi, Anuradha Gupta
Pages: 29 - 31

9. Title: Flower Image Classifications Using Cloud Machine Learning With Tensorflow
Authors: Dr. A. Anushya, Afraa Sayah Alshammari
Pages: 32 - 34

10. Title: Internet of Things (IoT) - Survey on Concepts, Challenges, Technologies, Security, Enterprise Integration and Applications
Authors: Govikadhasan. P, Gayathri. B
Pages: 35 - 37

11. Title: An Energy Efficient Cloud Computing Based On Virtual Machine Placement
Authors: Shaley MatildaVeronica P, Gayathri. B
Pages: 38 - 41

12. Title: An Effective Minimization of Energy-Cost for Geo-Distributed Data Centers Energy
Authors: Jemimah K, Gayathri. B
Pages: 42 - 44

13. Title: Enhanced Access Control Mechanism for Cloud Services Using Trust Based Fuzzy Logic
Authors: J. Persis Jessintha, Dr. R. Anbuselvi
Pages: 45 - 49

14. Title: An Energy Efficient and Secure Sharing of Data in Green Cloud Computing
Authors: Parthiban J, Gayathri B
Pages: 50 - 52

15. Title: A Study on Three Service Model of Cloud Computing
Authors: P. Joseph Charles, M. Merla Agnes Mary
Pages: 53 - 56

16. Title: Security Issues in Hybrid Cloud Computing
Authors: P. Joseph Charles, P. Priyadharshini
Pages: 57 - 59

17. Title: Analysis of Learning Activities in Internet of Things Environment
Authors: R. Vijayalakshmi, Dr. L. Jayasimman
Pages: 60 - 63

18. Title: Towards Green Cloud Computing: Demand Allocation and Pricing Policies for Cloud Service Brokerage
Authors: Mani A, Gayathri B
Pages: 64 - 67

19. Title: Optimized Data Storage for cloud Computing Environment
Authors: G. Uma, L. Jayasimman
Pages: 68 - 70

20. Title: Analysis of Data Mining Algorithm in Health Care Domain
Authors: Paul Davidson G
Pages: 70 - 75

21. Title: A Cluster Based Technique to Segment the Hippocampus from T2-Weighted MRI of Human Head Scans
Authos: T. Genish, R. Padma, K. Prathapchandran
Pages: 76 - 81

22. Title: Resource Allocation Concepts and Research Challenges in Cloud
Authors: P. Nithya, L. Jayasimman
Pages: 82 - 84

23. Title: Virtual Machine Migration to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Green Cloud Computing
Authors: Gayathri. B, Dr. R. Anbuselvi
Pages: 85 - 88

24. Title: Analysis and Applications of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs)
Authors: M. Jayakkumar, R. Srimanojkumar
Pages:89 - 92

25. Title: A Secure Data Forwarding Using Erasure Code In Cloud Computing
Authors: Livin Joshuva J, Gayathri. B
Pages: 93 - 95

26. Title: Card Maker - Course Student Database Manager
Authors: Maes Sawira. A, Gayathri. B
Pages: 96 - 98

27. Title: To Provide Security for Data on Cloud using AES Cryptographic Algorithm
Authors: Logesh. R, Gayathri. B
Pages: 99 - 101

28. Title: Energy-Efficient Virtual Resource Dynamic Integration Method in Cloud Computing
Authors: Mathesh B, Gayathri B
Pages: 102 - 105

29. Title: Adaptive Bi-Stage Median Filter for Images Corrupted by High Density Fixed-Value Impulse Noise
Authors: Eliahim Jeevaraj P S, Shanmugavadivu P
Pages: 106 - 110

30. Title: Blended Learning in Cloud Computing
Authors: S. Subha, D. Karthika
Pages: 111 - 116

31. Title: Clustered Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks - A Survey
Authors: K. Juliet Catherine Angel
Pages: 117 - 122