Special Issue - NCSCT-2018

National Conference on Smart Computation and Technology (NCSCT-2018) was organized by Poornima Institute of Engineering an Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan on 23- 24 March, 2018 in association with International Journal of Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science Engineering (IJEECSE).

1. Title: Gender Determination of Humans Using Their Voice Samples
Authors: Garvit Burad, Ankita Sharma

Pages: 01 - 05

2. Title: Review of Various Techniques of Opinion Mining
Authors: Himanshu Bhardwaj, Ankita

Pages: 06 - 09


3. Title: Structural and Non-Structural Query Language
Authors: Vinayak Sharma, Saurav Kumar Jha, Shaurya Ranjan

Pages: 10 - 12


4. Title: A Study on the Classification using Random Forest
Authors: Ketan Agarwal, Krutibash Nayak

Pages: 13 - 16

5. Title: A Comparative Study on Various Image Enhancement Technique
Authors: Ankita, Shruti Bijawat

Pages: 17 - 21

6. Title: A Comparative Study of Image Compression Techniques
Authors: Anukrati Rajawat, Deepak Moud

Pages: 22 - 25


7. Title: Study of Various Edge Detection Algorithm
Authors: Bhavesh Garg, Ishita Jain, Ashok Saini

Pages: 26 - 29


8. Title: Virtual reality and Binaural Audio
Authors: Shashank Jain

Pages: 30 - 32


9. Title: Comparative Analysis of Image Cryptography and Image Steganography
Authors: Ankit Verma, Shruti Bijawat
Pages: 33 - 36

10. Title: Smart Home Activity Recognition System Through Various Approaches: A Review
Authors: Anil Kumar Dubey, Ayushi Bhatnagar, Harshit Chourasiya
Pages: 37 - 41

11. Title: Quality Assessment of Food Grain using Digital Image Processing

Authors: Kumar Divya

Pages: 42 - 45


12. Title: A Review Paper on Basics of Bigdata and Hadoop
Authors: Laveena Chaturvedi, Ayushi Goyal, Dr. Megha Gupta

Pages: 46 - 48


13. Title: Distributed and Parallel Computing using JAVA
Authors: Manvendra Singh Rathore, Krutibash Nayak

Pages: 49 - 52


14. Title: Review Paper on Smart Parking
Authors: Sneha Sharma

Pages: 53 - 54


15. Title: Review Paper on Sensor Based Application for Malware Detection in Android OS (Operating System) Devices
Authors: Shazia Haque, Monali Barua

Pages: 55 - 58


16. Title: An Analysis of Cryptographic Techniques
Authors: Vishal Chelani, Deepak Moud

Pages: 59 - 63


17. Title: RSA Public Key Cryptography
Authors: Sarthak Agarwal

Pages: 64 - 66


18. Title: Predict Employee Retention Using Data Science
Authors: Dr. Anil Kumar Dubey, Ila Maheshwari, Ashutosh Mishra

Pages: 67 - 72


19. Tite: An Analysis of Different Face Recognition Techniques
Authors: Mohit Sharma, Deepak Moud

Pages: 73 - 76


20. Title: Angular Js - The Nextgen Framework
Authors: Vinay Sabhnani, Prof.(Dr.) Praveen Gupta

Pages: 77 - 81


21. Title: A Review: Chomsky Hierarchy of Languages
Authors: Dr. Megha Gupta, Pankaj Sharma, Rahul Patni

Pages: 82 - 84


22. Title: Compare Different Prediction Algorithm
Authors: Devendra Kumar, Dr. Anil Kumar Dubey

Pages: 85 - 89


23. Title: Comparative Analysis of LTE (4G), 3G, 2G, 1G Review Paper
Authors: Dr. Megha Gupta, Ankit Kumar Shah

Pages: 90 - 93


24. Title: Review Paper on Content Based Image Retrieval Using Hadoop
Authors: Simaran

Pages: 94 - 96


25. Title: A Review: Jamming Techniques in Mobile Phones
Authors: Aashi Totuka, Akshat Kumawat, Ashish Singh

Pages: 97 - 99


26. Title: Internet of Crimes
Authors: Devshanker Banerjee, Ayush Bhaskar, Dr. Megha Gupta

Pages: 100 - 102


27. Title: FPGA Placement and Routing
Authors: Kartikeya Tiwari, Abhishek Dadhich

Pages: 103 - 108


28. Title: A Comparative Study of Smart 3D Body Scanning Technology
Authors: Deepak Moud, Priyanka Ladhani, Pooja Kanwar, Ishita Jain

Pages: 109 - 110


29. Title: Spider Monkey Optimization Algorithm: Estimation of Frequency-Modulated (FM) Sound Waves
Authors: Vaibhav Hiranandani, Sneha Sharma, Ajay Saini

Pages: 111 - 116


30. Title: Suitability Evaluation of Programming Languages
Authors: Azhar Khan, Sandeep Tuli, Dr. Megha Gupta

Pages: 117 - 121


31. Title: Security Threats & Their Solution to Prevent Against Cyber Attacks
Authors: Manish Bhardwaj, Ajay Fageria, Naveen Sain, Bhavesh Kumar

Pages: 122 - 125


32. Title: Security and Risk: Information Risk Management
Authors: Ayush Bhaskar, Mona Supriya

Pages: 126 - 129 


33. Title: Recursive Approach to Implement Merge Sort on Linked List
Authors: Rahul Gupta, Pranav Pandey, Puneet Mathur

Pages: 130 - 132


34. Title: Review Paper on Augmented and Virtual Reality
Authors: Kartik Prajapat, Jatin Thadani, Apoorva Jain

Pages: 133 - 136


35. Title: A Review Paper on Data Extraction from E-Commerce Website and Its Analysation
Authors: Amit Kumar, Akansh Pathak

Pages: 137 - 140


36. Title: The Blue Eyes Technology: Overview & Applications
Authors: Abhinav Srivastava, Dr. Bijendra Gupta

Pages: 141 - 144