Special Issue - NEWS 2016

4th National Conference on Networking, Embedded and Wireless Systems (NEWS-2016) was organized by BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka, India in association with International Journal of Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science Engineering (IJEECSE) on 03 - 04 June, 2016. 

1. Title: Big Data Collateral and Solitude Issues in healthcare
Authors: Reshma Banu, Ayesha Taranum
Pages: 01 - 05

2. Title: Voice Controlled Robotic Wheel-Chair for Physically Disabled with Live Data Streaming
Authors: Chandan Yadav N., Amruth B. M.
Pages: 06 - 09

3. Title: Design of Automatic Accident Response System and Traffic Signal Control at Intersection
Authors: Nakul Parashar, Preet Jain
Pages: 10 - 14

4. Title: Review of Microstrip Patch Antennas for Bandwidth Improvement
Authors: Imran Khan, K R Sudhindra, Geetha D, K Fakhruddin
Pages: 15 - 19

5. Title: A Novel 2X2 Vedic Multiplier Architecture Based on Reversible Logic
Authors: Kiran Kumar M R, Dr. B.S.Nagabhushana, Srividya G Kedlaya
Pages: 20 - 23

6. Title: Optimal Deployment of Base stations and Relays for Wireless Sensor Networks Imposing QoS Constraints
Authors: Brunda N. S., Lakshmi S
Pages: 24 - 29

7. Title: Combined Normalized and Offset Min-Sum Decoding Algorithm for Irregular LDPC Codes
Authors: Michaelraj Kingston Roberts
Pages: 30 - 33

8. Title: Solar Energy Powered Direct Current Micro-Grid with Prepaid Metering System
Authors: Shruthi Karuturi, Dr. Jayanthi K Murthy, Harsha Kumar M C
Pages: 34 - 38

9. Title: A Survey on Different Handover Mechanisms in the LTE Network
Authors: Akkamahadevi M B, Dr.Arathi R Shankar
Pages: 39 - 42

10. Title: A Survey on VLC Based Massive MIMO-OFDM for 5G Networks
Authors: R. Sindhuja, Dr. Arathi R Shankar
Pages: 43 - 46

11. Title: An Efficient Power Management Scheme for Making Indian Grids Smart
Authors: K Uma Rao, Prabhasa K, Mohammed Moiz, Sanjith P Hemagiri, Mahaboob Basha T
Pages: 47 - 50

12. Title: Automation of Retrofit Rubber Injection Moulding Machine
Authors: Chetanakumar Hadimani S, R Radha
Pages: 51 - 54

13. Title: Host Testing of Drivers using SystemC Model
Authors: Ranjith R, Jacob Mathew, Jayanthi K Murthy
Pages: 55 - 58

14. Title: Modelling and Simulation of Photovoltaic System for Installation of Solar Highways Across India
Authors: Gopinath K, Dr.D.Seshachalam
Pages: 59 - 71

15. Title: Digital Calendar with MSP430 Microcontroller
Authors: Rakshith B N, Naveen Kumar S K, C K Venkatesh
Pages: 72 - 75

16. Title: Distributed Query Processing in Sensor Networks with Imprecise Range
Authors: Vivekavardhana Reddy. B., Sudheendra K. R. 
Pages: 76 - 83

17. Title: Face and Bio-Metric Based Attendance and Security System using RFID and Arduino
Authors: Saleem Ulla Shariff, Amaranatha C, Ravi Anand Jadhav, Dr. K Suresh Babu
Pages: 84 - 89

18. Title: Three Phase PDU Control Board for Medical Imaging Scanners
Authors: Raju Maranur, Dr. Jayanthi K. Murthy, Suresh Vemanna
Pages: 90 - 92

19. Title: Real Time Stepper Motor Control Using ARM Microcontroller and MATLAB GUI for Satellite Ground Station Tracking
Authors:  Arjun R, Harshith Patte, Harshith V, Karthik K R, Narayana T Deshpande, Dhruti Ranjan Gaan
Pages: 93 - 97

20. Title: Edge Detection using the Sobel Compass Operator
Authors: H. R. Archana, Soumya T
Pages: 98 - 101

21. Title: Feasibility Analysis of a Super Wi-Fi Network for Rural Broadband Deployment in India
Authors: Bharath Keshavamurthy, Abhay Narasimha, Asif Ahmad A S, Mahesh N, Suma M N
Pages: 102 - 106

22. Title: Design and Implementation of LST Based Dynamic Scheduler on Real Time OS
Authors: Prasad M Kamath, Rakesh Belagali, Sushant S Kulkarni, Vinayak Hegde, Geetishree Mishra
Pages: 107 - 112

23. Title: Custom 8 bit Microprocessor Designing and Implementation on FPGA Board
Authors: Gautam R. Gare, Kenneth Peter, Amaresh L. R.
Pages: 113 - 118

24. Title: TCP/IP Interface for Spartan-6 FPGA
Authors: Neeraj Yadav, Arjun P B, Neha Singla, K Vijaya
Pages: 119 - 122

25. Title: Process Variability Analysis of 14nm SOI FinFETs with High K Dielectrics
Authors: Pushpa K, Kiran Bailey, Sowmya Sunkara
Pages: 123 - 126

26. Title: Novel DPI Technique to Decode Secret Information for Network Security
Authors: Ashish U K, Arathi R Shankar, Sagar Pai, Suresh Anguru
Pages: 127 - 129

27. Title: VLSI Architecture of Colour Interpolation Processor for Real Time Video Application Using Adaptive Edge Enhancement Technique
Authors: Shruti K, R.Jayagowri
Pages : 130 - 135

28. Title: Novel Design of Multiple-Valued Static Memory Array using CNTFET Technology
Authors: Phanindra L S, Rajath M N, Rakesh V, Vasundara Patel K S
Pages: 136 - 141

29. Title: Providing Solution to Ensure Quality and Debugging S3 Issues
Authors: Penugonda Vasanthi Muni Devaiah, Veena M B, Yasmin Tabassum
Pages: 142 - 146

30. Title: Automotive Adaptive Front light Systems for Road Safety
Authors: Avinash Babu H, Veena M B, Shridhar Ramanna
Pages: 147 - 151

31. Title: Processing of Transfer case Control Module with Respect to ESP
Authors: Asif Ali H A, Veena M B
Pages: 152 - 155

32. Title: Development of a L-Band Corrugated Horn Feed for a Doubly Curved Antenna
Authors: Ashish Gupta, Dr. Arathi R Shankar, A.N Shivaram
Pages: 156 - 159

33. Title: Reliable Standard Cell Based Physical Design of IP
Authors: Padmanabh Alias Sachin Maski, Dr. Veena M B
Pages: 160 - 163

34. Title: A Simple Automatic Frequency Callibration for Working of PLL Frequency synthesizer
Authors: Adesh Yadav, Dr. Jayanthi K. Murthy
Pages: 164 - 166

35. Title: Implementation of AVT for Flashing on Different Android Platforms
Authos: Santosh T Rathod, Dr. Veena M B
Pages: 167 - 170

36 Title: Modelling of Underwater Acoustic Channel Properties
Authors: C N Santosh Kumar, Chelli Jagadeeswara Rao, Arathi R Shankar, R Kiran
Pages: 171 - 174

37. Title: Schmitt Trigger Based SRAM Using CNTFET Technology
Authors: Varsha S R, Dr. K S Vasundara Patil
Pages: 175 - 178

38. Title: Design and Analysis of Low Power Open Core Protocol Compliant Interface Using Verilog
Authors: Deepak S D, Dheeru Dinesh Reddy
Pages: 179 - 182

39. Title: Implementation of an Efficient Floating Point Multiplier Using Karatsuba and Urdhva-Tiryagbhyam Algorithm
Authors: Inayathulla Khan, Vasundhara Patel K S
Pages: 183 - 186

40. Title: Test Automation of BSC Products and Dashboard Development for the Test Verdicts
Authors: Siddaling, Nagabhushana, Guruprasad Pandit
Pages: 187 - 189

41. Title: Hard systematic Error-Correcting Codes for Matching of Data Using Low-Complexity Low-Latency Architecture
Authors: Srinivas Aynapure, K S Vasundara Patil
Pages: 190 - 193

42. Title: Round-Robin Arbiter Based on Index for NoC Routers
Authors: Vishwaradhya B Yadrami, Jeeru Dinish Reddy
Pages: 194 - 198

43. Title: A 12GHz Programmable Frequency Divider
Authors: Deepak N, Dr. D. Seshchalam, Kulkarni Raghavendra
Pages: 199 - 203

44. Title: Reconfigurable NoC For Iot Based SoCs
Authors: Namratha Patil, Dr. Vasundhara Patel, Prabhu Bhairi
Pages: 204 - 206

45. Title: Far-Field Antenna Array Pattern Synthesis Using Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Sandhya S N, Dr. S Akhila
Pages: 207 - 211

46. Title: Implementation of AES Technique on Avionics Telemetry Applications
Authos: Abhilash S Hegde, Bharath Kumar M, Mohammed Toufique, Dr. Manju Nanda
Pages: 212 - 217

47. Title: Performance of Hybrid Routing Based on Physical Distance in MANETs
Authors: DilliRavilla, Dr. Chandra Shekar Reddy Putta
Pages: 218 - 223