Peer Review Process

Manuscript submitted to IJEECSE undergo peer review process. Manuscripts not meeting the scientific standards will not be considered for the reviewing process. Editors request reviewers to advice on the scientific merit as well as the likely appeal. Editors usually give reviewers 15 days to complete their review process and hope for a quick response which is not always possible. However, editors will be in contact with the reviewers once paper is sent to them, with weekly reminders of their due date. Once all the reviews are in-house, the Editor will take a decision and will contact the corresponding author with the decision. The entire review process of the articles submitted to IJEECSE are done online and digitally. Reviewers invest precious time in the belief that they are making important contributions to the scientific process. Author’s criticism or negative comments on reviewer’s comments will be subjected to the cancellation of publication.

Step-Wise Peer Review Process:

  • Author submits manuscript via email.
  • Editor perform initial screening for quality and subject of submitted manuscript. 
  • If submitted manuscript is of sufficient quality and falls within the scope of IJEECSE, Editor sends manuscript to two or more reviewers.
  • Reviewers review the manuscript and send it back to the editor with review comments for processing.
  • Editor releases reviews to corresponding author. Author(s) are asked to respond to review comments and make necessary corrections.
  • Editor may accept, reject, accept with minor alterations, or sent out for second review.
  • If accepted, corresponding author must submit final version with filled Copyright Form.
  • Article is published in IJEECSE and soft copy of published paper is mailed to corresponding author.