Special Issue - TeLMISR 2015

Vivekananda School of Information Technology, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi, in collaboration with Computer Society of India (CSI), Delhi Section, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Delhi Centre and International Journal of Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science Engineering (IJEECSE) organized a National Conference on “Information Security Risks - Techno Legal Management (TeLMISR - 2015)” on 29th Jan. 2015.

1. Title: Dynamic Issues in Managing and Mitigating IT Risks

Authors: B. Rajeswari, Nagamani Mutteni

Pages: 01 - 05


2. Title: Design and Simulation of Dynamic UART Using Scan Path Technique (USPT)

Authors: Ruchin, Chandan Mahto, Pawan Whig

Pages: 06 - 11


3. Title: Managing Employees Strategically through Human Resource Information System

Authors: Mansi Saxena

Pages: 12 - 19


4. Title: Credit Risk Prediction Decision Support System in Fuzzy Logic GUI

Authors: Puneet Sharma, Jatin Chopra

Pages: 20 - 22 


5. Title: Understanding Security Strategy Through “Structural Authorization”in SAP ERP HCM in Maintaining ESS and MSS Information Democracy

Authors: Neetu Kamra

Pages: 23 - 31


6. Title: An Empirical Validation of Risk Assessment Framework

Authors: S. K. Pandey

Pages: 32 - 39


7. Title: A Review and Evolution of Current Mode Circuits and Realization of CDTA Using CMOS

Authors: Pushpanjali Singh

Pages: 40 - 44


8. Title: Digital Security: A Moving Target

Authors: Avijit Dutta

Pages: 45 - 50


9. Title: Cloud: Motivation to Use Knowledge Management in Social Media

Authors: Charru Hasti, Ashema Hasti

Pages: 51 - 53


10. Title: Business Intelligence by Cloud Computing using Hadoop Single Node Cluster.

Authors: Ritu Aggrawal, Gautam Kumar

Pages: 54 - 57


11. Title: A Comprehensive Study of Educational Data Mining

Authors: Jasvinder Kumar

Pages: 58 - 63 


12. Title: Phishing and Counter Measures: A Survey

Authors: Tripti Mishra

Pages: 64 - 67


13. Title: Cloud Computing Security & Its Challenges

Authors: Anisha Tandon, Mamta Madan

Pages: 68 - 71


14. Title: An Analytical Study on Classification Algorithms for Medical Datasets

Authors: Alpna Sharma, Seema Sharma

Pages: 72 - 76


15. Title: Mobile Cloud Computing: Challenges and Security Issues

Authors: Indu Sahu

Pages: 77 - 81


16. Title: IT ACT 2000: Scope, Impacts and Amendments

Authors: Aastha Bhardwaj, Priyanka Gupta

Pages: 82 - 86 


17. Title: Analyzing Characteristics of Performance Testing in Cloud Computing using Mathematical Models

Authors: Kanta Malik

Pages: 87 - 90


18. Title: A Comparison Between User Interface Design for Different Kinds of Mobile Applications

Authors: Rashmi Bakshi

Pages: 91 - 96