Volume 1, Issue 5 - October 2014

1. Title: Design, Fabrication and Performance Analysis of  Microstrip Antenna with MIMO Implementation for Wireless Applications

Authors: Mohammad Ameen, Mohammed Ismail. H

Pages: 01 - 06


2. Title: Power Normalized Cepstral Coefficient for Speaker Diarization and Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Authors: Sherbin Kanattil Kassim

Pages: 07 - 11


3. Tilte: A Descriptive Study of Cryptographic Schemes Affecting Quality of Service of Wireless Sensor Network 

Authors: Gurjot Singh

Pages: 12 - 19


4. Title: Nanosolarcells and its Advantages with  its Applications

Authors: Shaik Ameer, Kosuri Venkateswara Rao,Shashi Shekhar Chaubey Setty Abhinav

Pages: 20 - 26


5. An Efficient Spectrum Mobility Loom in Centralized CRN

Authors: Yogesh Kumar, Rajeev Mohan Sharma

Pages: 27 - 32


6. Title: Survey of Security Auditing Issues in Cloud Computing

Authors: Sangeetha.T, Saranya.M

Pages: 33 - 36


7. Title: A Review of Adaptive Under Frequency Load Shedding Scheme on Islanded Distribution System Using MATLAB/Simulink

Authors: Dhananjay, Vijay Garg

Pages: 37 - 41


8. Tilte: Accommodated Pattern of  MAC Ad-Hoc Networks for Automobiles 

Authors: S.Sri Iswarya Lakshmi, Ms.Selvi 

Pages: 42 - 52


9. Title: A Descriptive Study of Intrusion Detection and Prevention System 

Authors: Poonamjit Kaur, Lovepreet, Gurjot Singh

Pages: 53 - 57


10. Title: Analysing Port Scanning Tools and Security Techniques

Authors: Rajwinder Kaur, Gurjot Singh

Page: 58 - 64


11. Title: Analysing Various Packet Sniffing Tools

Authors: Inderjit Kaur, Harkarandeep Kaur, Gurjot Singh

Pages: 65 - 69