Volume 1, Issue 6 - December 2014

1. Title: Controlling an Electrical Equipment by Mobile Phone 
Authors: Sonali S. Ingle, Pratima M. Bhalekar, Ketaki S. Pathak   
Pages: 01 - 04

2. Title: Reduction of PAPR in OFDM Signal Using Hybrid Clipping-µ Law Companding Technique 
Authors: Isha Arora 
Pages: 05 - 07

3. Title: Perfomance Analysis of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Using Greedy and Face Routing 
Authors: M. Maria Alex, M. Amal Rajan  
Pages: 08 -14

4. Title: Caching Mechanisms in MANET for Data Availability and Performance Improvement: A Review 
Authors: Y. J. Sudha Rani, Dr.M. Seetha  
Pages: 15 - 21

5. Title: Study and Analysis on Different Companding Techniques to Reduce PAPR 
Authors: Isha Arora, Kunwar Pritiraj Rajput
Pages: 22 - 25

6. Title: An Efficient Voltage Mitigation Method in Distribution Networks Using DVR 
Authors: Rajashree T. Hiware, Prof. R. G. Shriwastava
Pages: 26 - 30

7. Title: Identification of Fault Condition and Switching Event for Improvement of Overcurrent using Symmetrical Components
Authors: Dhanashree Kotkar, Nandkumar Wagh
Pages: 31 - 39

8. Title: Survey Report on Various Image Inpainting Methods
Authors: Varsha Soni, Yogesh Rathore
Pages: 40 - 43

9. Title: Haar Cascade Based 3D Face Modeling and Reconstruction
Authors: Sushma Jaiswal, Dr. Sarita Singh Bhadauria, Dr. Rakesh Singh Jadon
Pages: 44 - 62

10. Title: Speed Control of Zeta Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive 
Authors: Rahul P. Argelwar, V. S. Nandanwar, Sapna Verma
Pages: 63 - 66

11. An Approach for Color Images using Eigen Values and PCA
Authors: G. V. Lakshmi, O. Vinod Kumar
Pages: 67 - 69