Volume 2, Issue 1 - February 2015

1. Title: An Innovative Approach to Data Hiding 

Authors: Syam Naresh. A , Jorlin George , Annie Chacko  

Pages: 01 - 04


2. Title: Improved Efficiency of CMOS Power Amplifier using Micro-Strip Line for Millimeter Wave Application 

Authors: Deeksha Bajpai, Amit Chaudhary, Sandeep Kumar  

Pages: 05 - 07


3. Title: Highly Efficient Power Amplifier Co-Design with Circular Micro-Strip Antenna 

Authors: Deeksha Bajpai, Amit Chaudhary, Sandeep Kumar  

Pages: 08 - 11


4. Title: An Optimized Algorithm for Mutual Exclusion in Distributed System    

Authors: Ankit Kumar Rao, Rama Shankar Sharma 

Pages: 12 - 14


5. Title: Hybrid Generating System with Solar and Fuel Cell Using ANFIS Controller 

Authors: T. Shanthi, J. Mohana Priya  

Pages: 15 - 20


6. Title: Optimal Photovoltaic Generation Placement in Radial Distribution Network  

Authors: Seyed Reza Seyednouri, Homayoun Ebrahimian, Aref Jalili   

Pages: 21 - 26


7. Title: Cross Regulation in Multi Output Converters with Renewable Energy Source

Authors: Dhanya K.V

Pages: 27 - 31


8. Title: Implementation of Advanced Video Steganography Algorithm 

Authors: Suchi Kumari, Pritish W. Bhautmage, Sanjeev Ranjan  

Pages: 32 - 37


9. Title: Application of Fuzzy Quality Index for Price Determination of Yellow Raisin

Authors: S. R. Bhosale, M. S. Bapat

Pages: 38 - 41


10. Title: A Hybrid Renewable Energy Generation System through a Multi Input DC-DC Converter Control

Authors: Neeraja. G, Dr. Devi. V

Pages: 42 - 48