Volume 2, Issue 2 - April 2015

1. Title: A Buck Converter for High Input Voltage Application with a Low Duty Cycle and an Interleaved Arrangement

Authors: Nithya K, Dr. Priya G Das

Pages: 01 - 06


2. Title: Conflict-Free Coloring for Circular Intervals: Static and Dynamic Approach

Authors: Vinay Kumar Singhal, Akanksha Rastogi, Aarti Sharma

Pages: 07 - 11


3. Title: A Single-Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Generation System using Seven-Level Inverter and Modified DC-DC Power Converter
Authors: Devan T. K, Priya. S
Pages: 12 - 21

4. Title: An Improved On-Board Battery Charger for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Authors: Minu P. K, Dr. Priya G Das
Pages: 22 - 26

5. Title: A Fuzzy Based PFC CUK Converter for Voltage Controlled Adjustable Speed PMBLDCM Drive
Authors: Rakesh Krishna, Vidhya M. P.
Pages: 27 - 32

6. Title: Efficiency Improvement in High Step-Down Single-Stage Single-Switch PFC converters
Authors: Sajeev P, Dr. Sheela S.
Pages: 33 - 38

7. Title: Cloud Computing Security with TTP
Authors: Sonali S. Dhule, Dr. P. L. Ramteke.
Pages: 39 - 46

8. Title: A Boost Converter with Ripple Current Cancellation Based on Duty Cycle Selection
Authors: Jessin Mariya Jose, Saju N
Pages: 47 - 52

9. Title: Markov Chain Agent Based Modeling for Man Power Sscheduling and Control
Authors: Tochukwu Chiagunye, Eze Aru Okereke and Tochukwu Obidiwe
Page: 53 - 58

10. Title: Analysis of Switching Event and Fault from Overcurrent Protection Using Symmetrical Components- A Review
Authors: Jyotsna Borkar, Prity Bisen
Pages: 59 - 63

11. Title: Finding Association Rule using Apriori Algorithm on Educational Domain
Authors: Krutikai K. Jain, A. B. Raut
Pages: 64 - 67

12. Title: Grid Computing Scheduling Jobs Based on Priority Using Backfilling
Authors: Sandip Fakira Lokhande, Sachin D. Chavhan, Prof. S. R. Jadhao
Pages: 68 - 72

13. Title: Vehicle Recognition System using RFID
Authors: Akash Sharma, Charitra Kumar, Ekta Saxena, Km. Ekta, Pankaj Bhardwaj
Pages: 73 - 75

14. Title: Motion Spotting Monitoring System Using Reference Subduction Principle
Authors: Gopal Dixit, Ravinder Kumar
Pages: 76 - 79

15. Title: Enhancing Power Quality of Variable Voltage Controlled Induction Motor Drive 
Authors: Sayyad Naimuddin, Komal  Ambhorkar, D. R. Tutakne
Pages: 80 - 84