Volume 2, Issue 3 - June, 2015

1. Title: Linux Vs Windows Operating System

Authors: Drishti Singh, Apoorv Agarwal, Gurmeet Singh

Pages: 01 - 05


2. Title: Job Scheduling Using FCFC and Priority Queue in System  

Authors: Monika, Neelam

Pages: 06 - 09


3. Title: Solar Based Constant Frequency Harmonic Free Three Phase Power Generation Without Battery Backup  

Authors: Vinayak M P, Dr E G Janardanan  

Pages: 10 - 16


4. Title: A Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Switching Devices For High Power Application

Authors: Athira M. T, Sujith. S  

Pages: 17 - 23


5. Title: Dynamic Economic Dispatch For Wind-Combined Heat and Power System Using a Grey Wolf Optimization 

Authors: Jayakumar N, Subramanian S, Ganesan S, Elanchezhian E B

Pages: 24 - 32


6. Title: A Switched Inductor Capacitor Converter For Wind Solar Hybrid Standalone Applications

Authors: Anju P., Sudhir P.

Pages: 33 - 36


7. Title: Procedure of Arriving at Kaprekar’s Constant using C Programme

Authors: Suresh Shivarudrappa Hiremath, Shripad Gurunathrao Kulkarni

Pages: 37 - 38


8. Title: Review on Image Denoising Technique

Authors: Shushma, Punit

Pages: 39 - 42


9. Title: Implementation of Space Vector Modulation For A Three Phase Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter

Authors: A. Nirmala 

Pages: 43 - 46


10. Title: Review For Attacks In Wireless Sensor Network

Authors: Pooja, Neetika

Pages: 47 - 49


11. Title: Detection of Wormhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Network

Authors: Pooja, Neetika

Pages: 50 - 52


12. Title: Neighbor Coverage Approach For Minimization of Routing Overhead in MANET

Authors: Neha S. Brahmankar, Hitendra D. Patil

Pages: 53 - 55


13. Title: Indian Sign Language Recognition

Authors: Shilpa Bhople, Prof. R. R. Itkarkar, Pooja Bhoir

Pages: 56 - 59


14. Title: Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Hidden Markov Models 

Authors: Pooja P. Bhoir, Prof. Rajashri R. Itkarkar, Shilpa Bhople

Pages: 60 - 64


15. Title: Perspectives on Mass Storage Based on Data Mining and Cloud Computing

Authors: Dr. Shamsher Singh, Anurag Sharma

Pages: 65 - 69


16. Title: Image Security Based On Steganography

Authors: Nemta Yadav, Jitender Yadav

Pages: 70 - 73


17. Title: An Overview of Challenges in Low Power SRAM Design

Authors: Ajeet Singh, Sanjay Singh Yadav, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Dr. Sandeep Sharma, Dr. B.K. Singh

Pages: 74 - 77


18. Title: Enhancement in Progressive Switching Medium Filter for Denoising Image

Authors: Shushma, Punit

Pages: 78 - 81


19. Title: Usability Testing for Web Application

Authors: Mukesh Kumar, Dharmveer Yadav,  Jitender Singh

Pages: 82 - 84