Volume 2, Issue 4 - August, 2015

1. Title: Wisdom of Crowds Vs Crowdsourcing 

Authors: Vibhor Sehgal, Himanshi Chhabra

Pages: 01 - 03


2. Title: Voltage Source Converter Performance Improvement Using Vector Control Under Load Disturbance

Authors: Sulekha B. Singh, Dr. Hari Kumar Naidu

Pages: 04 - 14


3. Title: Analysis and Implementation of H-Bridge Inverter Minimizing THD

Authors: Prerna Lautre, Dr. Hari Kumar Naidu 

Pages: 15 - 18


4. Title: Web Based Remote Navigational Robot for Multiclass Human Robot Interaction Using Raspberry Pi

Authors: Champati Anusha, C Chandana

Pages: 19 - 24


5. Title: Verification of AMBA AXI4 Protocol Using UVM

Authors: G Sai Divya, K. Niranjan Reddy

Pages: 25 - 29


6. Title: Analysis of Signature Using Image Processing on Android Mobile Devices

Authors: B Mamatha, B Satyanarayana

Pages: 37 - 43


7. Title: Design A Smart Wearable for Interface with Android Systems

Authors: Rubina Nehal, P. Sayanna, P. Santosh

Pages: 44 - 48


8. Title: A Low Cost Internet of Things Network for Contamination Detection in Drinking Water Systems Using Raspberry Pi

Authors: Syeda Madeeha Anam, M Devender

Pages: 49 - 53


9. Title: Micro-strip Patch Antenna for UWB Wireless Applications: A  Review

Authors: Mugdha A. Kango

Pages: 54 - 58


10. Title: Disaster Management Information Systems

Authors: Paminder Chawla

Pages: 59 - 62


11. Title: Virtual Mouse Implementation Using Color Pointer Detection

Authors: Abdul Khaliq, A. Shahid Khan

Pages: 63 - 66


12. Title: Analysis of MIM Structure for RRAM Under Different Conductive Mechanisms   

Authors: Divyangna Sharma  

Pages: 67 - 70


13. Title:  Analysis of Zno Film by Using Different Gas Flow Ratio and Annealing Temperatures During Sputtering

Authors:  Divyangna Sharma 

Pages: 71 - 75


14. Title: Mitigation Techniques of Peak-to-Average Power Ratio in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

Authors: Pinki Kumari, Khushboo Yadav

Pages: 76 - 84


15. Title: A Secure Mechanism for Eliminating Redundancy in Hybrid Cloud Environment

Authors: M. Ranjith Raju, A. Shiva Kumar

Pages: 85 - 89


16. Title: A Conceptual Model Proposal to Explicit and Reuse at the Transfer of Tacit Knowledge

Authors: Filipe Fidalgo, Luís Borges Gouveia, Yousef Ibrahim Daradkeh, Alla Edein Qoussini

Pages: 90 - 95


17.  Title: Watermarking Technique for Analysis of Security and Capacity of Watermark Data

Authors: Neelam Yadav, Jitender Yadav, S S Yadav

Pages: 96 - 100


18. Title: Routing of Data Using Secure Data Transmission Technique in Mobile Adhoc Network 

Authors: Anita Kumari, Jitender Yadav, S S Yadav

Pages: 101 - 103