Volume 2, Issue 5 - October, 2015

1. Title: Boundary Graph of a Graph

Authors: M. Bhanumathi, M. Kavitha

Pages: 01 - 05


2. Title: The Dominating Graph DGbcd(G) of a Graph G

Authors: M. Bhanumathi, J. John Flavia

Pagess: 06 - 11


3. Title: Benzenoid Systems: A Computational Study of Two Topological Indices

Authors: M. Bhanumathi, K. Easu Julia Rani, S. Balachandran 

Pages: 12 - 16


4. Title: A New Partitioning Approach to Work Balancing in Cloud Technology

Authors: Kashmira Jagtap, Prof. Pramod Jadhav

Pages: 17 - 20


5. Title: K-Gamma Distribution: Cumulant Generating Function and their Relation with Moments and Central Moments

Authors: Lata Misra, Gyan Shekhar, Manoj Kumar

Pages: 21 - 23


6. Title: Backfilling Scheduling Jobs Based on Priority Using in Grid Computing

Authos: Sandip  Fakira  Lokhande, Prof. S. R. Jadhao

Pages: 24 - 28


7. Title: Discrete Fourier Transform Algorithm Based Digital Multifunction Relay for Transmission Line Protection

Authors: Kalyani Wakhare, Nandkumar Wagh

Pages: 29 - 35


8. Title: Closed Loop Operation of PMSM Driven by Z-Source Inverter

Authors: Sreejaya R, Vasanthi V, Sangeeth B. S

Pages: 36 - 42


9. Title: Inductor Current based Fault Diagnostic System for Four Port DC/DC Converter

Authors: T. K. Santhosh, C. Govindaraju

Pages: 43 - 48