Volume 2, Issue 6 - December, 2015 

1. Title: An Intelligent Sun Positioning and Intensity Tracker System for Solar Panels with LCD Display

Authors: Somtoochukwu Ilo, Tochukwu Chiagunye, Aguodoh Patrick and Egbosi Kelechi

Pages: 01 - 09


2. Title: Cloud Based Health Care Information System for Rural Clinics in Nigeria

Authors: Chiagunye Tochukwu, Igbajar Abraham and Ilo Somtoochukwu 

Pages: 10 - 17


3. Title: DACs Multiplexer for Fiber Nonlinearity Mitigation in Coherent Optical Communication Systems

Authors: Arpana Mishra, Priyesh Mishra

Pages: 18 - 19


4. Title: CAPTCHA System Using Click

Authors: P. A. Tayade, S. S. Dhule, R. A. Bang

Pages: 20 - 22


5. Title: Complementary Tree Nil Domination Number of Circular-Arc Graphs

Authors: S. Muthammai, G. Ananthavalli

Pages: 23 - 26


6. Title: Development of An Automatic Load Monitoring and Load Shedding System: A Case Study in Botswana

Authors: I. Zibani, K. Tsamaase, E. Matlotse, P. Mahindroo

Pages: 27 - 32