Volume 3, Issue 1 - February, 2016

1. Title: Boolean Function Graph B(G ̅,K ̅q,INC) of A Graph

Authors: S. Muthammai, R. Mahalakshmi

Pages: 01 - 05


2. Title: Pattern Matching Techniques for Metamorphic Virus Detection

Authors: Ankur Singh Bist, Dr. Anuj Sharma

Pages: 06 - 12


3. Title: Security Issues and Challenges in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs)

Authors: Megha, Sapna Gambhir

Pages: 13 - 18


4. Title: Improving Clustering in WSN by Using Imperialist Competition Algorithm

Authors: Iraj GHorbani, Shahram Jamali 

Pages: 19 - 23


5. Title: Preventing  Attacks by Malicious Nodes in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using Dynamic Threshold Algorithm

Authors: Kavita Surve, Neha Jagadale, Pratiksha Kanadi, Manisha Changule

Pages: 24 - 27


6. Title: Efficient Method for Congestion Detection and Avoidance for TCP Using SNR and Buffer Value

Authors: Anup A. Kawathekar, Supriya A. Jadhav, Kedar R. Joshi

Pages: 28 - 33


7. Title: Securing Data and Tracking Data Leakages in Business Applications

Authors: M. Vivekananda Swamy, Dr. M. Nagaratna

Pages: 34 - 37


8. Title: A Framework for Novel Friend Recommendations in Social Networking

Authors: P. Sampath, A. Shivakumar

Pages: 38 - 41