Volume 3, Issue 3 - June, 2016 

1. Title: Meta-Model for Zakat Calculation Platforms (ZCP) Based on the ADM Approach
Authors: Mamouni Abdelaziz, Marzak Abdelaziz, Al Haddad Zayed, Boukouchi Youness
Pages: 01 - 06

2. Title: Hybrid Intrusion Detection Systems (HIDS) in Cloud Computing: Challenges and Opportunities
Authors: Al Haddad Zayed, Hanoune Mostafa, Mamouni Abdelaziz, Boukouchi Youness
Pages: 07 - 13

3. Title: Digital India - The way to Access the Global Services
Authors: Deepti Sharma, Sona Malhotra
Pages: 14 - 15

4. Title: A Survey on Deployment Strategies and Energy Efficiency of Wireless Sensor Networks
Authros: Kajal Khurana, Nitin Goyal
Pages: 16 - 20

5. Title: Security analysis in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) Protocols Upon Implementing Blackhole Attack Using Tracegraph
Authors: Divya Jatain, Varsha Jaiswar, Megha Tiwari
Pages: 21 - 24

6. Title: Performance Analysis of AES, DES and RSA Cryptographic Encryption Algorithms: A Novel Study
Authors: Nitin Arora, Kritika Metha, Km. Anjali, Manisha Bhatt, Km. Aradhana, Krishan Chandra Mishra, Mamta Martolia
Pages: 25 - 28

7.Title: Analysis of the Grid Connected Induction Generator Under Fault Conditions
Authors: Vikash Kumar, Pawan Kumar Pandey, Vikrant Verma
Pages: 29 - 33 

8. Title: A Review Paper on Routing Optimization in Interplanetary Space Network
Authors: Ajay Singh, Megha Yadav
Pages: 34 - 36

9. Title: A Review Paper an Analysis of Protocol for High Assurance Network Traffic
Authors: Priyanka Kumari, Khushboo Yadav
Pages: 37 - 40