Volume 4, Issue 2 - April, 2017

1. Title:A Novel Method of Design of Choke for a Fluorescent Lamp Using Standard Stampings
Authors: Sohorab Hossain, Sujit Dhar, Dr. Sourish Sanyal, Dr. Swapan Sarkar,  Amaranth Sanyal
Pages: 01 - 07

2. Title: By Using Tongue Feature Extraction, Detection of Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Minal A. Lohar
Pages: 08 - 12

3. Title: The System of Shadow Detection and Removal Using Object Oriented Technique
Authors: Sujata B. Kale, Prof. J. K. Patil
Pages: 13 - 16

4. Title: Securing M2M Communication in IOT Devices
Authors: Anurag Gupta, Dr. Manish Verma
Pages: 17 - 20

5. Title: Digital Image Processing Tool and Imaging Technique through Crossbreeding Wavelet and Cosine Transformation
Authors: Manoj Kumar, Dr. Manish Verma
Pages: 21 - 27