Volume 4 Issue 4 - August, 2017

1. Title: Aggrandized Security Through Cryptography, QR Code And Steganography
Authors: S. Bhaseerunnisha, Dr. G. Ravi
Pages: 01 - 05

2. Title: EPC Based Authentication of Devices in the Smart Healthcare System
Authors: Shantha Mary Joshitta R, Arockiam L
Pages: 06 - 11

3. Title: Elegant Billing System Using Light Fidelity Module 
Authors: Hemachandran K, Justus Rabi B, S S Darly
Pages: 12 - 15

4. Title: Intrusion Detection System to Detect Sinkhole Attack on RPL Protocol in Internet of Things
Authors: R. Stephen, Dr. L. Arockiam
Pages: 16 - 20

5. Title: The Unknown Facts Behind Collaborative Editing 
Authors: V. Vasanthraj, G. Sekar
Pages: 21 - 27

6. Title: DC Excitation Control for an Autonomous Wound-Rotor Induction Generator using Embedded Fuzzy Logic Controller
Authors: Jayaram P., Hariharan S.
Pages: 28 - 35

7. Title: Smart Grid: An Optimal Solution to Economic and Environmental Benefits
Authors: N Venkata Ramana, V Surya Manoj
Pages: 36 - 39

8. Title: Image Encryption Using Chaotic Logistic Map
Authors: Hirdesh Varshney, Himanshu Gupta, Madan Kushwaha
Pages: 40 - 45

9. Title: A Novel Prediction Approach for Myocardial Infarction Using Data Mining Techniques
Authors: M. Snehapriya,  Dr. B. Umadevi 
Pages: 46 - 53

10. Title: A Quantified Approach for Analyzing the User Rating Behaviour  in Social Media
Authors: P. Surya, Dr. B. Umadevi
Pages: 54 - 60

11. Title: Electromagnetic Interference Reduction
Authors: Kalpan Mehta, Mohit Rane, Arjav Naik
Pages: 61 - 64

12. Title: A Secure and Effective Retrieval Using Hash Based Mapping Structure over Encrypted Cloud Data
Authors: Bharati P. Vasgi, Dr. U. V. Kulkarni
Pages: 65 - 72

13. Title: Simulation and Analysis of Various Parameters for IoT in WSN Environment Using SENSEnuts 
Authors: Alisha Christine, Rita Krishali, Dr. A. K. Mohapatra
Pages: 73 - 77

14. Title: Improving the Life Time of the Wireless Sensor Network using Clustering Technique, Bellman Ford Asynchronous and SW Protocol
Authors: M. Nazrin Banu, Dr. G. Ravi
Pages: 78 - 82

15. Title: An Insight of Software Effort Estimation Technique
Authors: Komal Dhanopiya, Ankur Goyal, Dr. Nidhi Mishra, Dr. Mohit Dayma
Pages: 83 - 89

16. Title: Penetration Testing: Demonstrated with Example
Authors: Ankit Gupta
Pages: 90 - 92

17. Title: Study of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Drive and Stare Database With K-NN Classifier
Authors: S. P. Arade, J. K. Patil
Pages: 93 - 96

18. Title: Personalized Search with Hybrid Weighted K-Means Algorithm (WKA) and Incremental Algorithm (IA) for Query Grouping and User Profile Analysis
Authors: S. Sasirekha, Dr. R. Manickachezian
Pages: 97 - 100

19. Title: ANFIS Based STATCOM for Voltage Profile Enhancement in a Grid Connected WECS
Authors: Sravanthi M, Sreelatha K, Narendra Kumar M
Pages: 101 - 105

20. Title: A Novel Multilevel Inverter with Fuzzy based DVR to reduce THD in a Distributed Generation System
Authors: Koyal D, Sreelatha K, Narendra Kumar M
Pages: 106 - 109

21. Title: Association Rule Mining Using Enhanced FP-Growth and H-Mine Algorithms
Authors: S. Sharmila, Dr. S. Vijayarani
Pages: 110 - 114

22. Title: An Algorithm for Inferring Big Data Objects Correlation UsingWord Net – A Review
Authors: S. S. Belim, V. B. Kamble
Pages: 115 - 119

23. Title: K-Means Clustering with Query and Its Hyponymy Relation
Authors: Dr. S. Vijayalakshmi, Dr. G. Rajkumar, Dr. K. Parimala
Pages: 120 - 125

24. Title: Utility Mining: An Enhanced UP Growth Algorithm for Finding Maximal High Utility Itemsets 
Authors: C. Sivamathi, Dr. S. Vijayarani
Pages: 126 - 130

25. Title: Smooth Internet Traffic Maintaining in Cloud Computing with Big Data Applications
Authors: Stibu Stephen, Dr. R. Manicka Chezian
Pages: 131 - 135

26. Title: Security Attacks on Vehicular Ad-hoc networks and Measures to Secure the networks
Authors: Saba Khanum
Pages: 136 - 142

27. Title: An Unconditional Cheating Detection and Cheater Identification In Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme
Authors: LasmeDidlier Charles, Sachin, Neha
Pages: 143 - 145