Volume 4, Issue 5 - October, 2017

1. Title: Optimization of Campus Wide WLAN
Authors: Ketan Rathod, Rambabu Vatti, Mandar Nandre  
Pages: 01 - 06

2. Title: A Survey on Building Neural Description of Images using Deep Learning
Authors: Praveen Kr. Tripathi, Dr. Vibhash Yadav, Dr. M K Sharma  
Pages: 07 - 10

3. Title: Power Quality Progress in Distribution System Using D- Statcom
Authors: D.Anil Kumar, Dr. T. Rama Subba Reddy, Dr. M. Rajendar Reddy
Pages: 11 - 16

4. Title: Comparison of Axially and Transversally Laminated Synchronous Reluctance Motors by using FEM based Analysis
Authors: Harendra Singh Rawat, Ajay Srivastava  
Pages: 17 - 22

5. Title: A Closed Loop Hybrid Phase Shift Controlled Dual Active Bridge Converter with Dynamic Input Voltage Change
Authors: D. Spandana, S. Narasimha   
Pages: 23 - 26

6. Title: 3-Degree-Freedom Network Model to Support Release Management using Efficient Requirements Engineering
Authors: Indranil Nath  
Pages: 27 - 34

7. Title: Monitoring the Environmental Parameters of Ring Conner Unit of Cotton Industry Using Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
Authors: S. V. Chavan, B. P. Ladgaonkar, S. K. Tilekar  
Pages: 35 - 39

8. Title: A Framework for Converting Classical Design to Reusable Design
Authors: Abdul Khader Jilani, Dr. Syed Abdul Sattar   
Pages: 40 - 45

9. Title: A Survey on Edge Detection Algorithms  
Authors: Poobathy D, Dr. R Manicka Chezian  
Pages: 46 - 49

10. Title: Implementation of Hybrid Passive Filters in HVDC System with Controlled Capacitors for Mitigation of Commutation Failures
Authors: Swathi K, Madhusudhan A  
Pages: 50 - 54

11. Title: Advanced Text Categorization and Mining Applications Techniques Ecommerce Application
Authors: Janani. S, Dr. R. Manickachezian  
Pages: 55 - 57

12. Tilte: Finding Null Value In Micro Array
Authors: K. Lakshmipriya, Dr. R. Manickachezian
Pages: 58 - 61

13: Title: A Design Concept of Printed Inverted F- Antenna for Smartwatch Applications
Authors: Ajeet Thakur, Garima Saini
Pages: 62 - 65

14. Title: Image Resizing by Pixel Selection using Median Value
Authors: Gauransh Kalla, Shalini Kumari, Alok Singh Gahlot
Pages: 66 - 68

15. Title: Study of Image Fusion and Data Fusion Techniques for Remote Sensing Application
Authors: Dr. Ashok Gaikwad, Krishna Shinde
Pages: 69 - 73

16. Title: Fuzzy Adaptive Control Strategy for LVRT Operation of PVA Interconnected to Grid System
Authors: Mamatha M, Swarupa V
Pages: 74 - 77

17. Title: A High Step Down Fuzzy Controlled Couple Inductor Based Converter
Authors: Sudha V, Kalyan Raj K
Pages: 78 - 82

18. Title: Multi-Feed Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for Enhancement of Gain
Authors: Ayona Chakraborty, Samik Chakraborty, Bhaskar Gupta
Pages: 83 - 88

19. Title: Variable Range Fractal Image Compression Using Spiral Architecture
Authors: Dr. Mohammed Ismail. B
Pages: 89 - 92

20. Title: Reduction of Ripple in Output Current of Soft-Switching Step-Up Converter by Using a Single Switch SEPIC Converter
Authors: Samyuktha C, Ramanjaneyalu Reddy Ch
Pages: 93 - 96

21. Title: Enhancing performance of Text Documents Clustering using Side Information with Fuzzy Logic
Authors: Dr. V. Ramesh
Pages: 97 - 101

22. Title: Effective Data Transfer Technique in Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Dr. V. Ramesh
Pages: 102 - 105

23. Title: Energy Efficient Clustering Scheme (EECS) With Secure Data Aggregation for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Dr. V. Ramesh
Pages: 106 - 111

24. Title: Image Retrieval Using Hash Code and Relevance Feedback Technique
Authors: Dr. V. Ramesh
Pages: 112 - 116

25. Title: Image Denoising Using Novel Fuzzy Based Approach
Authors: Sandip Mehta
Pages: 117 - 125

26. Title: Automatic Toll E-Ticketing System For Transportation Systems
Authors: Suresh H Ballla, Ananthula Babitha, S. Naresh, Dr . I. Satyanarayana
Pages: 126 - 130

27. Title: Home Appliance Load Modeling From Aggregated Smart Meter Data
Authors: Suresh H Ballla, Kalluri Bhasakar Reddy, P. Renuka, Dr. I. Satyanarayana
Pages: 131 - 136

28. Title: Avoiding Collision of Vehicles using CAN Protocol
Authors: Suresh Ballla, Nenavath Jagan, S. Sreenu, Dr. I. Satyanarayana
Pages: 137 - 143

29. Title: Design and Implementation of Automatic Irrigation System Using Wireless Sensor Network and Based on Web Platform
Authors: Suresh H Ballla, Kayitha Rechal Marteena, P. Renuka, Dr . I. Satyanarayana
Pages: 144 - 147