Volume 4, Issue 6 - December, 2017

1. Title: Fault Analysis in Multi Terminal Transmission Lines 
Authors: G. Sandeep, Dr. V. S. Vakula
Pages: 01 - 04

2. Title: Comparative Study of Different Wavelet Based Neural Network Models for IIP Growth Forecasting using Different Yield Spreads
Authors: M. Yasin Pir, Firdous Ahmad Shah, Mohammed Asger
Pages: 05 - 13

3. Title: A Novelty Approach of Static Load Modeling using FACTS Controllers for Voltage Stability Analysis
Authors: B. Radha Madhavi, Cholleti Sriram
Pages: 14 - 19

4. Title: Combining Acoustic Distinctive Cues and GFCCs Faeatures for Robust Speaker Recognition under Speech Coding Distortion
Authors: Ahmed Krobba, Mohamed Debyeche, Sid. Ahmed. Selouani
Pages: 19 - 25

5. Title: An Efficient 8b/10b Encoder and Decoder Design using Reversible Logic Gates
Authors: Nayana D. K., Sujatha B. K.
Pages: 26 - 32

6. Title: Modeling and Implementation of Two Wheel Self Balance Robot
Authors: Pannaga R. M., B. P. Harish
Pages: 33 - 40

7. Title: Predicting Users Browsing Behavior: Using FPCM
Authors: Rakhi Arora, Rajendra Singh Kushwah
Pages: 41 - 44

8. Title: Testing and Simulation of Various Modulation Techniques Using OFDM in Wireless Communications Environment
Authors: Balaramakrishna K. V., Vishnu Kandukuri, Rajesh M.
Pages: 45 - 48

9. Title: A Multi-Port Half Bridge DC-DC Converter for PV Application
Authors: Faheem Khan, Mini Rajeev
Pages: 49 - 56

10. Title: Grouping of Color Pixel Based Image Segmentation Using on Clustering Techniques
Authors: Ramaraj M., Dr. S. Niraimathi
Pages: 57 - 62

11. Title: 3D Visualization and Spatial Data Mining for Analysis of LULC Images
Authors: Kodge B. G.
Pages: 63 - 67

12. Title: Review of Transient Stability Enhancement in Multi-Machine Power System by Using Various Types of PSS & FACT’s Devices
Authors: G. B. Jadhav, Dr. C. B. Bangal, Dr. Sanjeet Kanungo
Pages: 68 - 79

13. Title: Sweat Detection and Analysis Methods
Authors: Vandana Pagar, Pravin Bhadane
Pages: 80 - 84

14. Title: Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer Communication in Disaster Management
Authors: Rohit Sonawane, Sachin Doge, Prof. Rambabu Vatti
Pages: 85 - 87

15. Title: Bandwidth Enhancement of an E-Shaped Antenna for WLAN Application
Authors: Shrawan Kumar Patel, Ganesh Prasad Shukla
Pages: 88 - 90

16. Title: Smart Grid Based Compensation Technique for Distributed Generation Impacts
Authors: A. Krishna Nag, M. Rajendra Prasad
Pages: 91 - 95

17. Title: A  Survey on Lossless Compression Algorithms for Medical Images
Authors: Vivek Kumar, D. Sriramulu, Rajesh Mehra, Shallu
Pages: 96 - 102

18. Title: Designing a Device for Measuring Nutrient Factor Values of Foods According to the Standard Factor Values of Fresh Food Items
Authors: Dr. Anupam Das
Pages: 103 - 106

19. Title: Comparative Analysis of Various PWM Strategies for Single Phase 7-Level Asymmetrical  Modified Quasi Z Source Multilevel Inverter with Voltage Lift Cell Authors: K. Meenalochani, B. Shanthi, G. Prem Sunder, S. P. Natarajan
Pages: 107 - 111

20. Title: Data Privacy: Right to Forget - An Independent View

Authors: Jayant Dani, Sameer Rane

Pages: 112 - 114



21. Title: An Efficient Keyword Search Technique using Novel Algorithm by Preserving Privacy

Authors: Sonu Kumavat, Shiwani Gupta

Pages: 115 - 118


22. Title:  Performance Analysis and Effect of Variation in Optical Fiber Length on its Effectiveness

Authors: Rajesh Mishra, Rajeev Sharma, N.K. Shukla, C.K. Dwivedi

Pages: 119 - 122


23. Title: Advance Control Technique for Power Management and Synchronized Operation of Hybrid Micro-grid System

Authors: Rohit V. Sorate, S. S. Landge, Abhishek B. Katkar

Pages: 123 - 128


24. Title: Dispatch of Multiarea System with Tie Line Constraints using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization

Authors: Namarta Chopra, Y. S. Brar, J. S. Dhillon

Pages: 129 - 137


25. Title: In Search of a Better Hybrid  Approach  to Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Environment

Authors: G. Srinivasa Rao, Dr. T. Anuradha

Pages: 138 - 141