Volume 5, Issue 1 - Feb. 2018

1. Title: Modelling and Simulation of Multi Pulse AC to DC Converter Feeding To Different Reactive Power Loads and their THD Analysis
Authors: Sumit Kumar Gupta
Pages: 01 - 05

2. Title: Design and Implementation of Arduino Based Three Phase Inverter
Authors: Anil Kumar Yarlagadda, M. Sai Chandana
Pages: 06 - 09

3. Title: Optimal Planning using WOA for the Capacitor Placement in the Presence of PV Systems in Distribution Networks
Authors: S. Mubeena, Dr. V. Usha Reddy, P. Dinakara Prasad Reddy 
Pages: 10 - 17

4. Title: Load Flow Analysis for Unbalanced Radial Distribution Systems
Authors: D. Ravi, Dr. V. Usha Reddy, Dinakara Prasad Reddy
Pages: 18 - 23

5. Title: Image Inpainting Using Second Order Derivative-Based Autoregressive Model
Authors: K. Seetharaman, H. Ramesh Babu
Pages: 24 - 28

6. Title: Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution System using Fuzzy Controller based Constant Voltage Control of DC Capacitor for Active Load Balancer
Authors: Adapa Raja Sekhar, V.V.N. Murthy
Pages: 29 - 38

7. Title: A Survey of Lossless Image Compression Techniques
Authors: Fouzia I Khandwani, P E Ajmire
Pages: 39 - 42

8. Title: Design and Implementation of Accident Emergency SMS Tracking System
Authors: Osagie-Bolaji A.N., Asikhia .O.K., Omoruyi O.S., Esekhaigbe E.
Pages: 43 - 47

9. Title: Comparative Analysis of Vertical Fragmentation Techniques in Distributed Environment
Authors: Mukta Goel, Shalini Bhaskar Bajaj
Pages: 48 - 52

10. Title: Scheduling For Resource Optimisation in Cloud Computing: Genetic Algorithm Approach
Authors: S. R. Mishra, M. Mahita, K.D. Naik
Pages: 53 - 56

11. Title: A Novel Approach for Edge Detection of Angiogram Images Using Classical Image Processing Technique
Authors: P. V. Kusuma, M. Sivakumar, P. Nagamallaiah
Pages: 57 - 60

12. Title: Smart City Based on Internet of Things
Authors: S. Karthikeyan, P. Srivaramangai 
Pages: 61 - 63

13. Title: Voltage Profile Improvement & Loss Reduction using Optimal Capacitor Placement
Authors: Amandeep Singh, Kultardeep Singh
Pages: 64 - 73

14. Title: Design of Solar PV Tracking System Using Heliostat for Pump Drive System
Authors: Murali Muniraj, R. Arulmozhiyal
Pages: 74 - 80

15. Title: Segmentation of Overlapping Wheat Grains for Quality Detection
Authors: Deepak Singh Rana
Pages: 81 - 83

16. Title: Outlier Detection using Data Mining in Trust Based Clustered MANET’s
Authors: Renu Popli, Dr. Kanwal Garg, Sahil Batra
Pages: 84 - 88

17. Title: Review on the Cluster Based Data Mining Techniques in Big Data
Authors: C. Krubakaran, Prof. (Dr.) K. Venkatachalapathy
Pages: 89 - 96

18. Title: Impact of EV Charging Units on the Power Grid
Authors: Jahnavi Chowdary, N. Ram Chander
Pages: 97 - 99

19. Title: Information Security : Need of Digital India
Authors: Deepak Jyoti
Pages: 100 - 103

20. Title: Sentiment Analysis of Product Reviews Using SVM
Authors: K. Deepa, E. Kirubakaran
Pages: 104 - 108

21. Title: Design of Single Phase Linear Induction Motor with Toroidal Winding
Authors: Rahul A. Lekurwale, Ajay Krishna Bandari
Pages: 109 - 114

22. Title: A Review on Various Techniques to Design 2/3 Prescaler
Authors: Jasbir Kaur, Mohit Sharma
Pages: 115 - 119

23. Title: A Review on Instrumentation Amplifier and Methods to Improve CMRR
Authors: Jasbir Kaur, Anisha Ganpati
Pages: 120 - 123

24. Title: Scale Factor Optimization for A Robust Multi-Biometric Watermarking
Authors: Aysun Tutak Erözen, Nihan Kahraman
Pages: 124 - 133

25. Title: Vienna Rectifier Fed BLDC Motor
Authors: Dr. P. Sweety Jose, R. Gowthamraj
Pages: 134 - 139

26. Title: A Novel Design for Memristor Based Logic Gates and Circuits to be Used in FPGA Architectures Technology
Authors: Rita Mahajan, Basudha, Deepak Bagai
Pages: 140 - 146

27. Title: Modeling and Recognizing Emotions from Audio Signals: A Review
Authors: Ritu Tanwar, Deepti Chaudhary
Pages: 147 - 151

28. Development of an Embedded System for Measurement of Temperature Based on Polycrystalline Ferrite Material
Authors: S. N. Patil, A. M. Pawar, S. K. Tilekar, B. P. Ladgaonkar
Pages: 152 - 156

29. Title: Congestion Management by Considering Optimal Location and Size of Distributed Generation using Firefly Algorithm
Authors: Subhasish Deb
Pages: 157 - 162

30. Title:Shunt Active Power Filter for Compensation of System Harmonics
Authors: Badal Devanand Umare, A. S. Sindekar                      
Pages: 163 - 168

31. Title: Content Based Retinal Image Retrieval Using Lifting Wavelet Transform for Classification of Retinal Fundus Images
Authors: S. S. Tadasare, Prof. S. S. Pawar 
Pages: 169 - 176