Volume 5, Issue 2 - Apr. 2018

1. Title: Emotion Acknowledgment in Light of EEG Highlights in Motion Picture Clipswith Channel Determination by MLPNN (Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network)
Authors: Ankit Suresh Satpute, Alok Anil Jadhav
Pages: 01 - 06

2. Title: Non-Isolated Bi-Directional Soft-Switching DC-DC Converter for Industrial Applications
Authors: Kona Krishna, J. Deleep Kumar
Pages: 07 - 14

3. Title: Train Safety and Fire Rescue System Using Labview
Authors: Md. Irshad, K. P. Shobha, Dr. H. Prasanna. Kumar
Pages: 15 - 18

4. Title: Hand Gesture Recognition in Automotive for Human-Vehicle Interaction
Authors: Harika C
Pages: 19 - 21

5. Title: Wind Turbine for Urban Environment
Authors: P. L. Chavan, Utkarsh Gatade, Chitra Yadav,   Rupali Tate, Abhinav Kumbhar, Priyanka Makasare
Pages: 22 - 26

6. Title: Modelling and Simulation of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Operating at Fixed and Variable Speed for Wind Turbines Using MATLAB
Authors: Aakansha Mercy Steele
Pages: 27 - 29

7. Title: Hybrid Algorithm for Efficient Image and Video Compression
Authors: T. Venkata Ramana, Dr. S. A. K. Jilani
Pages: 30 - 37

8. Title: Review Article on Impact of Various Engineering on Double Gate MOSFET
Authors: Nitin Goyal, Nagendra Sah
Pages: 38 - 43

9. Title: Supervised Machine Learning Approaches: A Survey
Authors: Kavitha S N, Charan Tej S, Prathvi Raj Jannu
Pages: 44 - 52

10. Title: Enhancement of Hadoop MapReduce in Image Processing System
Authors: Prof. Kavitha S N, Karthik P, Sushmitha A
Pages: 53 - 57

11. Title: Autonomic Mobile Networks the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Communication
Authors: Prof. Kavitha S N, Pushpalatha L, Sweatha P
Pages: 58 - 62

12. Title: Survey on Search Engine Optimization
Authors: Prof. Kavitha S N, Thanuja D V, Shravya M
Pages: 63 - 64

13. Title: A Comprehensive Survey on Internet of Things
Authors: J. Jayabharathi, R. Saminathan, G. Ramachandran
Pages: 65 - 70

14. Title: IntelligenY Data Centers
Authors: Kavitha SN1, Jagdish Velan2
Pages: 71 - 71

15. Title: The Evolution of DNA Cryptology - A Review
Authors: Akhil Kaushik, Dr. Vikas Thada
Pages: 72 - 79

16. Title: Neural Cryptography - A Contemporary Information Processing Paradigm for Security
Authors: Satvika, Akhil Kaushik
Pages: 80 - 86

17. Title: A Simplified Fast Contingency Screening Method for the Security of Power System
Authors: Piyushkumar M. Saradva
Pages: 87 - 89

18. Title: IoT Based Smart Police Station
Pages: Manali R. Bhosale, K. P. Paradeshi
Pages: 90 - 93

19. Title: Intelligent Automobile System for Accident Prevention and Detection
Authors: Dr. D. Sivabalaselvamani, Divyadarshini. R
Pages: 94 - 101

20. Title: Design and Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting
Authors: Sukhveer Kaur, Sushil Kakkar, Shweta Rani
Pages: 102 - 105

21. Title: The Arbitrary Question Papers Generation Using Image Based Authentication
Authors: Shivamurthaiah M, Sitesh Kumar Sinha, Praveen Kumar K, Manasa L R
Pages: 106 - 109

22. Title: WirelessHART: Applying Wireless Technology in Real-Time Industrial Process Control
Authors: Supriya Pathak, Abhishek Karwa
Pages: 110 - 112

23. Title: Development of Crawling In-Pipe Inspection Robot
Authors: Lokesh.P. Velayudham, Akash Govind G. M, Guru B, Nagoor Hani S, J. Jeneetha Jebanazer
Pages: 113 - 118

24. Title: Task Scheduling in Cloud Environment: A Review
Authors: Krishan Kumar Goyal, Vivek Jain , Pushpneel Verma
Pages: 119 - 122

25. Title: Design and Analysis of Simple Dual Band Multimode Conical Horn for C Band
Authors: Balvant J. Makwana, S. B. Sharma
Pages: 123 - 127

26. Title: PLL Approach to Mitigate Symmetrical Faults in Weak AC Grid of DFIG Based Wind Turbine for Voltage Stability Analysis
Authors: Cholleti Sriram, O. Rakesh, M. Harish, A. Sridhar
Pages: 128 - 133

27. Title: FACTS Device a Remedy for Power Quality and Power System Stability Problem: A Review
Authors: Vinit T. Kullarkar, B. Ajay Krishna, Rahul Lekurwale
Pages: 134 - 140

28. Title: Power Loss Minimization in IEEE-33 Bus System Using DG Placement
Authors: Rakesh Choudhary, Rakesh Singh Lodhi, Pragya Nema
Pages: 141 - 143

29. Title: Review Article On Channel Capacity Enhancement Of Multi Antenna In Wireless Communication Over Fading Channel
Authors: Sonam Jitarwal, Nagendra Sah
Pages: 144 - 147

30. Title: A Comprehensive Review of Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Topologies
Authors: Rohit Goel, JanakKumar B. Patel
Pages: 148 - 154

31. Title: Comparison and Analysis of Various Buffer Cache Management Strategies for Database Management System
Authors: Priti M Tailor, Prof. Rustom D. Morena
Pages: 155 - 160

32. Title: Ultrasonic Radiation Pressure Effect in Solid State Devices and Materials
Authors: Awadhesh Prasad
Pages: 161 - 165

33. Title: Synchronized Slave/Slave Bridge Scheduling for Bluetooth Scatternet
Authors: K. R. Kanagavalli, B. Sankaragomathi
Pages: 166 - 170

34. Title: Sentiment Analysis on E-Reviews for Gujarati Products
Authors: Baser Surya Kailash, Kerav Pandya , Zdislaw Polkowski
Pages: 171 - 177

35. Title: Developments in Cellulose based Insulating Kraft Paper for Liquid Immersed Power Transformers
Authors: Vishavdeep Jindal, Jashandeep Singh
Pages: 178 - 183

36. Title: Optimum Sizing Methodologies and Planning of Different System Components in Hybrid Power System
Authors: Opinder Kour, Shavet Sharma
Pages: 184 - 188

37. Title: Designing the Controller Based on the Approach of Hedge Algebras and Optimization through Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Duy Nguyen Tien, Trung Ngo Kien
Pages: 189 - 194

38. Title: Smart Garden Controller
Authors: Abhishek Dey, Subhajit Mukherjee, Swarnendu Roy, Aniket Chakrabarty, Anamika Bhattacharyya
Pages: 195 - 197

39. Title: Feasibility Analysis for Finding the Optimum Location for Installing Super Conducting Fault Current Limiter to Reduce All the Possible Fault Current in Smart Power System
Authors: Khushali Ram, Ravi Vyas
Pages: 198 - 202

40. Title: Adaptive Proportional Fair Scheduling Algorithm for Delay Constraint LTE Network
Authors: Swetha, Mohankumar N M, Shwetha D, Devaraju J T
Pages: 203 - 207

41. Title: Fault Location in Transmission Line Using Travelling Wave Detection Method in PSCAD
Authors: Karansinh M. Parmar, Dr. Rashesh P. Mehta
Pages: 208 - 212

42. Title: Short Term Load Forecasting with Artificial Neural Network 
Authors: Pankaj D. Bobate, Vilas N. Ghate
Authors: 213 - 219

43. Title: Prediction of Power  of a Combine Gas and Steam Turbine Using Artificial Neural Network
Authors: Apeksha Wankhede, Vilas N. Ghate
Pages: 220 - 225

44. Title: Analysis of the Effectiveness of STATCOM as Compared to SVC for Improving Transient Stability of Multi Machine Power System
Authors: Partho Pratim Saha, Md. Shahjahan
Pages: 226 - 231

45. Tite: Disaster Detection Using WSN (Bluetooth)
Authors: Mayuresh Kawale, Rambabu Vatti, Abhishek Kamble, Sandesh Pawde, Rahul Kadam
Pages: 232 - 235