Volume 5, Issue 3 - June, 2018

1. Title: Comparison of Different Control Strategies for Shunt Active Power Filters using HBCC Technique
Authors: Dinesh Chandra, Krishan Kumar
Pages: 01 - 07

2. Title: Human Behaviour Recognition and Person Identification by Handwriting Analysis using Neural Network
Authors: Prof. Yashomati R. Dhumal, Vrushali Sawant, Ashwini Surwase, Pushparani Sonnad
Pages: 08 - 10

3. Title: Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Vehicular Hands-Free Communication Systems using NVSS APA Algorithm
Authors: Jian-Da Wu, Shih-Lin Lin
Pages: 11 - 18

4. Title: Mobile Jammer and Sniffer
Authors: Rishabh Gandhi, Amrita Kaul
Pages: 19 - 20

5. Title: Novel Transformer Less Adaptable Voltage Quadrupler DC Converter With Closed Loop Control
Authors: Sujini. M, S. Manikandan
Pages: 21 - 25

6. Title: Parametric Study of Insertion Losses and Antenna Pattern in Cascaded Microstrip Coupled-Line Filter Sections for Bandpass Filter Responsein Microwave Band G
Authors: Abdul M. Syed, Kanti Prasad
Pages: 26 - 34

7. Title: Design and Characterization of 16 Bit Multiplier Accumulator Based on Radix-2 Modified Booth Algorithm
Authors: Vijay Dhar Maurya, Imran Ullah Khan
Pages: 35 - 39

8. Title: Commencing from MOSFET to FinFET Technology: A Short Review
Prof. Rajashri K. Patil
Pages: 40 - 45

9. Title: A Dual Band Stub Synthesis Microstrip Patch Antenna for Harvesting RF Energy from GSM-1800 & 2500MHz LTE Band
Authors: Bimal Garg
Pages: 46 - 49

10. Title: Design and MATLAB Implementation of Cordic Algorithm
Authors: Suganda Pendem, Rajshekhar B. Shettar
Pages: 50 - 52

11. Information Retriever Application using Text Extraction Method
Authors: Dr. Anil G. N., Sowmyashree A, Apoorva Naganalli,  Chetana Belavadi, Dhanya M Kashyap
Pages: 53 - 56

12. Title: Design and Characterization of Parallel Prefix Adders Using FPGA
Authors: Veer Vijay Vikram Singh, Imran Ullah Khan
Pages: 57 - 60

13. Title: Semantic Finer-Grained Classifiers in Sophisticated Content Analysis Over Geolocating Global Tweets
Authors: Mohd Furkhan Uddin, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
Pages: 61 - 65

14. Title: Comprehensive Empirical Evaluation Over Query-Driven Approach with On-The-Fly Query Cleaning Towards Entity Resolution
Authors: Mohd Zahed Mansoor Saif, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
Pages: 66 - 70

15. Title: Secure & Efficient Enhancements Over Comprehensive Large-Scale Simulation Evaluation by Protecting User Privacy & Identity in Online Social Network   
Authors: Mohd Amjad, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
Pages: 71 - 75

16. Title: Encountering Social Networks Over Accentuate Based On Social Interactions
Authors: Shoaib Akhtar, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
Pages: 76 - 80

17. Title: Content-Based Repossession In Cloud Image Storehouse In An Realistic Confidential Acquaintance
Authors: Mohammed Khaleel Uddin, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
Pages: 81 - 84

18. Title: User-Centric Data Outsourcing with Exhaustive Auditing in Clouds
Authors: Shaik Abdul Khaled, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
Pages: 85 - 89

19. Title: Manifold Attribute Authorities In Public Cloud Storage With A Sturdy And Verifiable Access Control
Authors: Khaja Qayumuddin, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
Pages: 90 - 94

20. Title: Effectively Secured Dual Server Numeric-Related SQL Range Queries In Cloud Data Stores
Authors: Mohd Anam Ullah Shareef, Md Ateeq Ur Rahman
Pages: 95 - 99

21. Title: Enhancing the Lifetime of EADUC using PSO for Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Ankita Mahajan, Kanika Sharma
Pages: 100 - 105

22. Title: Modelling and Fuzzy Control of Brushless DC Motor
Authors: Duong Quoc Tuan, Tran Thi Hai Yen
Pages: 106 - 110

23. Title: Review on Free Space Optical Communication System
Authors: Harjot Kaur, Kulbhushan Singla, Navjot Singh
Pages: 111 - 113

24. Title: Performance Analysis of Spectrum Sliced Free Space Optical System using SOA
Authors: Harjot Kaur, Kulbhushan Singla, Navjot Singh
Pages: 114 - 118

25. Title: A GSM/GPS Based Accident Assistance Design of Smart Vehicle System
Authors: Abhishek Gandhar, Shashi Gandhar, Nitesh Gupta, Shreya Srivastava, Gaurav Sher, Sagar Bhasin
Pages: 119 - 121