Volume 5, Issue 6 - December, 2018

1. Title: Smart Dustbin
Authors: Rushiraj Yadav, Shiban Radhanpuri, Rishabh Agrawal
Pages: 01 - 04

2. Title: Design of A Model for M-Commerce Using Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)
Authors: Gagana H S, Gouthami H S
Pages: 05 - 09

3. Title: Designing the Output Feedback LQG Controller Applying for Electrical Drive System
Authors: Do Thi Phuong Thao, Ngo Kien Trung
Pages: 10 - 15

4. Title: Facial Expression Detection Using Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
Authors: Sofia. R, Dr. Sivakumar. D
Pages: 16 - 19

5. Title: Survey on Machine Learning Approaches for Image Stitching for Panoramic View and Monitoring Global Land Usage using Satellite Images
Authors: Ladhekar Prakash, Dr. Channappa Bhyri
Pages: 20 - 33