Volume 6, Issue 2 - April, 2019

1. Title: A Study on Application of Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (SFCL) in Smart Grid
Authors: Hung. N.C.
Pages: 01 - 08

2. Title: A  Carry Select Adder Design with Improved Performance
Authors: S. Subha
Pages: 09 - 12

3. Title: Disaster Management using Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Kiran Ingale, Prasad Nikole, Advait Patil, Krushna Aghav, Ritikesh Nayak, Kedar Tonge
Pages: 13 - 15

4. Title: Maximum Power Point Tracking of Solar Panel using Microcontroller
Authors: Anvita Kapoor, Harshul Motiyani, Mrudang Vansadia, Prakruti Shah
Pages: 16 - 19

5. Title: Recognition of Myanmar Lottery Ticket Number
Authors: Thi Thi Soe, Zarni Sann
Pages: 20 - 24

6. Title: Speed Adjustment for Brushless DC Motors Using Microcontrollers
Authors: Truong ThiQuynh Nhu, Tran Thi Hai Yen
Pages: 25 - 29

7. Title: Design and Fabrication of Microstrip Planar Antenna with Meander – Line Structure in GSM Band
Authors: C. Abdul Rahman, H.Umma Habiba
Pages: 30 - 33

8. Title: Data Analysis and Data Classification Techniques for Meditative and Non-Meditative Brain Rhythms using EEG Signals 
Authors: Seema S. Kute, Sonali B. Kulkarni
Pages: 34 - 37

9. Title: Investigation and Analysis of Different Fast Block Matching Motion Estimation Algorithms for Video Compression
Authors: Rajender Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Seema Jangra
Pages: 38 - 41