Volume 6, Issue 4 - August, 2019

1. Title: Detection and Classification of Lung Cancer Stages using Image Processing Techniques
Authors: Nwe Ni Kyaw, Kyaw Kyaw Naing, Phyu Myo Thwe, Kyawt Kyawt Htay, Hanni Htun
Pages: 01 - 06
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2.Title: Authors: Optimal DG Placement in Radial Distribution System with Various Load Clusters
Authors: S. Ghousul Azam, A. Lakshmi Devi
Pages: 07 - 14
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3. Authors: Using Grey Models for Forecasting Vietnam’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Renewable Energy Consumption and Economic Growth Trends
Authors: Hung Nguyen Chi
Pages: 15 - 18

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4. Title: Non Destructive Evaluation of Trace Elements in Quail (Coturnix Coturnix) Eggs using Colour Image Analysis
Authors: Ousman Boukar, Abdoul Yaya Yaya Fanta, Alban Ngatchou, Gamraïkréo Djaowe, Laurent Bitjoka
Pages: 19 - 24
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